So you want to know about us?

Salontwelve launched back in 2012, with a view to turning the typical industry standard on it’s head. We simply just don’t do things by halves here. Our sole objective? To be that little bit extra, for a whole lot less. Six years have since past, and we’re humbled to say, along with our amazing customers on-going support, we’re still crushing it. We pride ourselves with ‘standards higher than your heels’. Our girls, are your girls. Someone you can turn to, for honesty and guidance, real life (expert) gal pals, who’ll guide you through every appointment. We’ve all been there, “Just the ends off please” and suddenly you’re three inches shy of a cropped bob. Either that, or you’re on your way out, having been talked into the least flattering cut and blow, and you’re not even sure how or why? Not at Salontwelve though, rest assured, you’ll have a firm grip of the reins, the entire time, it’s your choice, we simply offer our professional advice (and we won’t be offended if you don’t take it). Hidden costs? Honey please! Unpredictable, inflated prices? ‘Bye Felicia!’ All of our services and treatments come at a set price, you’ll know the cost, in its entirety, before we even start. We want to see your faces, time and time again, for the right reasons. In order for that to happen, we ensure that we give you every justification to return.

Whilst we’re mostly about hair, we’re able to offer services of a more hair free nature. Our babe Bably’s Eyebrow Bar is on hand for all your threading needs. Located within our Crawley salon, at a competitive, pocket friendly price, Bably will ensure you leave us with your brows ‘on fleek’.

So come and see us, we want to know about you too...

We haven’t forgotten about the guys either,

We’re lucky enough to have Mankind Barbershop alongside Salontwelve. Our barbers are always on hand to freshen up your ‘dead trim’. If you find yourself in town, we’d love to see you too. We offer cuts for both adults and children; it’s a family affair here.